DPU1501 - 15" dodirni ekran

The DPU1501 is a TOUCH SCREEN control panel, screen and central electronic unit. The electronic unit is an EHU01 connected via LVDS
output by the screen, the EHU01 unit has got 2 pcs. fans in standard to ensure smooth temperature distribution inside the EHU metal box. If the unit has mounted in closed metal box then does not require active cooling in base, so it does not require further fans.
The DPU15 has four USB connectors behind the front panel on the right side of the EHU01. It can be connected to EtherCAT peripheries by 1 pc EtherCAT connector and it can be connected to computer network by 1 pc. Ethernet connector. The speaker output of EHU01 is suitable for playing sound files, later will be built in VOICE ADVISER. The operating system and the system software can be placed in
one Compact Flash (CF). You can input data by a virtual keyboard on touchscreen at default. The unit generates click sound when releasing a button. We protect the touch screen with self-adhesive foil.
Type DPU1501
NCT part No. (order number) 40-00011538-01
Screen size 15”
Control unit EHU01-00
USB 4 pcs. USB 2.0
Speaker ouput Jack connector on the EHU01
Installation method Built-in into front panel
Power supply voltage/Constant current drain/Peak making current 24 VDC/1,6 A/2,6 A
EtherCAT / Ethernet 1 pc. 100 MB / 1 pc. 100 MB or 1 GB
Cooling fan 2 pcs. in the EHU01
Operating/storing temperature/relative humidity (without condensation) 0…+55°C/-24…+85°C / 95%
Weight 5.8 kg
IP protection rating / IP protection rating in built in form IP20 / IP54


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